New Knife Store Added

I have added a new knife store to my online presence. This new site, which is hosted by All About Pocket Knives (AAPK), can be found HERE.

AAPK is a wonderful resource for information on the gambit of the knife world but especially for traditional and vintage knives. They also require sellers to be vetted before allowing them to do business on their site, unlike many places on the ‘web.

I plan to reconfigure this site to place the new store in its own section, along with one for Etsy and maybe eBay as well. All of those changes/improvements will be time dependent but I’ll post updates when they do happen.

Vintage Damascus Steel Lockback

Damascus Lockback Knife

This well made vintage knife has an awesome pattern in the steel, unlike many contemporary knives I’ve seen. It is wearing a fresh edge, sharpened at about 22° to match the original bevels. It also has some wonderful file work on the spine.

I Finally Upgraded the Site

It’s been a longtime in consideration but I have finally ungraded this website to! When I began this site I intended on doing that fairly soon (I also intended on posting a lot more often) but life got in the way, as it tends to do. With the all the craziness of the COVID19 era, I figured it was time to try to get moving on this project.

Besides the original vision of posting some pipe restoration projects I am planning on adding some of my whittling/woodcarving projects. I may include in that some general posts about tools and such as well.

I will probably include some links to products that I use, along with my thoughts on them. Some of these may be affiliate links but not all. I had planned on this being part of the site from the very beginning but I’m likely going to expand this beyond pipe restoration-related things.

I hope you enjoy the content and welcome your thoughts and comments.

Whittling Away

The last few weeks I’ve been spending my time whittling, mostly Christmas ornaments. It’s actually surprised me how much I enjoy making these things! I suppose after Christmas, more likely New Years, I will get back to doing some pipes but for now I’m totally engaged in carving. Here are a couple of ornaments and a tamper I have made recently and are in my Etsy Shop now.

Merry Christmas all!

Reworking a Chewed Savinelli Alligator Stem

I am glad I was able to get this one back to a usable shape.


I picked up this Savinelli Alligator from a life-long friend some time back, along with a meerschaum pipe. They both needed a good cleaning but they also needed major stem repair. My friend is a clencher, an understatement, to be sure, and had bitten through both stems. When I saw the pipes I asked him if an alligator had been smoking the Alligator! I have lost the “before” pictures on this one so I’ll have to describe the condition it was presented to me in.

I’ve found that pipes with green stain don’t seem to fair very well; all of them loose their color in my experience. This Alligator was no exception; it was a grimy natural color with only a hint of green in the rustication. The bowl was heavily caked with a crumbly vanilla cake and an overflow of lava on the rim. I did the normal clean…

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An easy step back in: Peterson System 312 refurbishment

An easy restoration to get my feet wet again.


After almost two years of hard looking, my wife and I are finally in a new house. The new place has no stairs, one of our biggest “have to haves” on the home-buying list and a decent size room for me to work in, among other things. After having most of my pipes and tools packed up for an extended period, I have almost got my new work area all set up. I have had to make a few concessions – no room for my buffer, for instance – but it sure is good to have an accessible work area again!

I dug out a few pipes to get started back on: two GBDs (a Virgin billiard and a French made Rhodesian), a well-smoked Dr. Grabow Omega, and a dirty but in good shape Peterson System Standard 312. I started on all four at once, jumping from pipe-to-pipe over the…

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A Great Sharpening Tool

This is one of the handiest things I’ve gotten in a while! I bought the Smith’s Retractable Sharpening Rod to take on vacation last year but didn’t really use it. Since then, back at home, I’ve found a couple of great uses for it though.

First, it’s great for fixing any small chips you may get in a blade; I dropped and chipped the tip off of a pocket knife and this little gem made the fix easy and quick.

Secondly, on the tips or far back edges of the blade, especially thin blades, that are tough to get sharpened sometimes this thing is a dandy! I couldn’t get the tip of the coping blade on my Seahorse so I used this on the tip.

Small enough to take along in your pocket, this tool can work for repairs and regular sharpening on the go or just at home. It’s a great item to add to your sharpening arsenal!

Smith’s Diamond Rod

Mr. Brog Mahogany Churchwarden

I have been meaning to share my purchase of this pipe for a while but just haven’t found the time. Well, maybe today I can rectify that!

I’ve had this churchwarden for well over a year now; it’s the only one I own. While I don’t smoke it often, I do find it to be a really good pipe that was well worth the investment. Like all churchwardens, it smokes cool and dry but you do have to pay attention to your cadence; the long shank/stem makes one forget how much they are puffing and can get the bowl pretty hot.

The color is magnificent, in my opinion. I’ve had other “mahogany” pipes from Mr. Brog that looked more purple but this is is a nice, dark red color as it should be.

If you’re thinking about a churchwarden – be it your first or twenty-first – I don’t think you can go wrong with this pipe. And if you’re not a fan of the color it does come in a few different stains and slightly different options as well.